0 - Plasma vs Doze - 2** GCNY, 2nd: $395usd


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#plasma here's to hoping you develop a free thinking brain soon

Dogshit thread

game 1 lost

<3 u

Plasma vs. Plasma?

2nd place $395

Damn that's a lot of money

amb was trolling me

its more like 300$ in winnings. 87.75$usd entry fee

Wow holy fuck. That's almost a livable wage

getting there

Do you even go even after paying your players salaries? There's no way you just take all their winnings without giving anything back?

Sun Tzu art of war says to let your army plunder the city first. So i let the players collect the prize winnings. For now I just subtract my cut from their salaries. For now thats the safest way for everyone. Nobody can fuck each other for $

For the bigger shit thats coming up where my cut might be more then salarym not quite sure what we will do there 100% yet

If we get into Regionals and win any $ its going to force me to change the way we collect and split $.

does that mean you don't pay them? I'm confused.

i kno people on plasmas team 0% chance theyre seeing any decent money in "salary"

still love you tho jakub keep fighting the good fight for Nadota

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Lets say they win 200$. When sending outtheir $ ill keep my % winnings from their pay. They collect the wi nings in full

Right now i just keep 10%

Waiting for contract renegotiations next year :) should be a lot more then now.

Players get paid more then i . just trying to survive