09:12 v2 Day 2

Day 2

@jdance died to death last night. He will be remembered as a good boy Vanilla Town who always did his physics homework.

Alive Players


Day ends at majority vote of 5 or midnight est thursday 2022-09-20T16:00:00Z2022-09-22T04:00:00Z

@mafiabot startday 8441

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

Vanilla_Town, JCrispy, Matticus, bazingaboy, theGreatWingdingi, SOPHIE, lwyrup, KrazyKat,

Alive Players - 8

Majority Vote - 5



@mafiabot lynch @SOPHIE

I am the Town Vanilla Cop, I checked NMA last night and returned red.

@mafiabot lynch thegreatwingdingi

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You will have to counter-claim me to survive.

Here's my counterclaim:
There's a 33% chance you are not lying.
66% chance you are.

Therefore: The best play for all town players is to immediately lynch you first.

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Scum reasoning. If you're town (known fact to you) there's a 100% chance I'm lying

I am not going to entertain any logical fallacies.

@mafiabot lynch @Vanilla_Town

Do you know your own role?

I am 62.5% town, 25% mafia and 12.5% survivor.

As survivor, it is in my best interest to support town

You are his mafia partner then.

Im willing to listen to any counter claims

The fact of the matter is, if Alightsoul is lying (he 66% is) - that means that we have a "Town Rolecop", that player should claim immediately as well.

If you are survivor then you are not taking the highest % town play and are griefing.