09:12 v2 Day 4

Day 4 the day of Black Reliquary v.4 Darkest Dungeon Mod

@SOPHIE got greased last night he was a Vanilla Town. His legacy lasts on with us carrying out roragok's will in running this website for all of us <3

Alive Players


Day ends friday midnight est or tomorrow night for non est chads

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@mafiabot startday 8441

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

Vanilla_Town, bazingaboy, lwyrup, KrazyKat,

Alive Players - 4

Majority Vote - 3


GLHF gamers

@mafiabot vote vanilla_town

Hey. Maybe I can post today.
Remember, 3 is hammer.

I am the survivor you moron.

Alightsoul cop read me as survivor, go check day 2 for proof.

If you want to win as town you have to lynch mafia here.

For what it's worth, if you're town then mafia is probably Lwyrup.

I already said that 2 days in a row

Actually 3

Ok then lynch him. You get nothing out of lynching me other than losing the game if you're town.

@mafiabot lynch @Vanilla_Town

start paying attention.

I won't get hammered unless KKat is mafia, because there's no survivor.

@mafiabot vote lwyrup

let it rand

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters
vanilla_town 1 lwyrup
lwyrup 1 bazingaboy

Not Voting

Vanilla_Town, KrazyKat,

Alive Players - 4

Majority Vote - 3