1070 - Paradigm Shift SIGN THREAD

Shut up bitch

Homey don’t play dat

Haha ok chrissy

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Host the fucking game.

Kittens called me self centered earlier and said if I wanted any chance with a girl id have to talk less about myself so I kicked her from my discord

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I treated her with only respect and she treats me like that bitch I don’t think so

She said I was talking about my new bed too much

Why the fuck am I not allowed to be excited about my new bed fuck you asshole

She must have a shitty cum stained mattress or some shit

can you chill? what can i do to earn your trust? i’ve never violated the spirit of mafia gaming.

took me quite a while to cook this up and work out the numbers for a roughly even game, this is like the 4th iteration of this i had.

other version took place in vietnam but i like this setting better

sign or stop spamming this thread please

Frankly I didn’t even know what thread I was in

Sign sorry iaafr

why sorry?

He thinks I’m suckish at mafia

I’ll give this new guy a chance. And a Goyclub hosted game is far preferable to a game with multiple goyclub members in.

Not signing another game with jdance in it


i will bless this mafia game with my sign

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