1070 - Paradigm Shift SIGN THREAD

1070 - Paradigm Shift
Pope Gregory recording chants from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit

Gregory I was cool and all but real shit started happening around the 9th to 11th century. King Henry and Gregory++ really pulled through in formalizing the Office, now the clergymen have a great excuse to keep young boys around the basilica. You need a lot of one-on-one time with the boys to keep 500+ chants fresh in your memory for the services… maybe too much alone time. #EtMihi

Pure boys (4 to 6 PAIRS)
You’re a little boy and all you have is your best friend to keep away the mean old men. Each young boy has 1 “best friend” that knows everything about him. You and your best friend have day chat. If the mean men touch you at night you tell your best friend which priest touched you then kill yourself because you are dirtied.

Dirty Priests (1 to 2 PAIRS)
You’re a big boy and all you have is your best friend to keep away the mean ethical men. Each priest has 1 “partner in crime” that knows everything about him. You and your partner in crime have day chat. You do not know if other players are dirty priests, only your partner in crime will help you secure the boy puss. Every night each pair of dirty priests decides which player to diddle AND they may guess who the best friend of their diddle target is and kill the friend the same night if guessed correctly. If a priest gets diddled he commits suicide before sunrise. If a priest dies or gets lynched while his partner in crime is alive his role will flip as “pure boy”.

Aside from that 1 lynch per day ofc. Looking for 8+2 players MINIMUM but I would like to get a 12+4 player game going if possible. This game has been in the theorycraft backburner for almost a year and is the successor to my original mafia thread. #EtMihi

Posting early cause I would rather have 16 signs with the daychat-for-all format.


Might ban goy club, idk yet. I’m in dms with 2 mods right now trying to figure out how to proceed ethically.


Please let us know about the goy club thing

I am dming an admin right now. I’ll figure this out for sure and have one or two back it up.

Which admin? Just want to let you know that LBJ is not an admin. Some people on this site pretend to be admins but they are not.

I’ve exchanged 5+ messages with epok. Don’t worry. He can confirm if you ask him.

Looking forward to the game


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Looks interesting.

@TreeWonSevin they have day chat, but what about night chat?

day n night

For real? You’re signing a goyclub hosted game?

seems like a fun game and the host seems liek the least despicable goy

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@Derumination will you host a game now instead?

No is the current game over

No but it doesn’t need to be

Just host. It’s your mafia calling.

You’re kind

Probably not. You should make up your mind. For once.