11/29/18 NA DOTA Artifact Phantom Draft Tournament

Add me if you want to get invited
know that if you pick cheating death, I will run a slander campaign on you

Add me if you haven't

Will be single Elim Bo3 unless objections are made


I have dnd tonight tho smh

probably gonna attempt to run a tournament every day until hype dies so just play tomorrow

I was going to start this thread so I will jsut steal your thread


We will being at 730 EST (30 mins from there)

Post .sign in the thread if u want to play, show up at the time and we will go

Need at least 4 to start but I’m pretty sure we can add infinite more

up to 16


i think 16 is max

I think it goes really high

I have arrived

Whom do we have

join NOW


Just had eye surgery. Sorry.

get well soon

like in 30 minutes so i can have my fucking bracket finished fuck

Eye enlargement surgery


We need 1 to start