11 PM Day 2

Your ability to make deductions is on par with most others and you don’t even have lore or anything else to use

No need to apologize

I thought you muted the thread

Bussing in this format looks suicidal but I don't think it is. Like if purple mafia are high townread they can double up on someone and flip them quickly. If he looks like he's fucked I don't see why his partner wouldn't get on it to avoid being found out by the same deduction you're making. So you'd have to atleast feel more sus about later lynchers or something

Didn't you're reads change if you think one between insom and LBJ is sus and consider LBJ the more sussy one? And if you think one of them is mafia you really missed your opportunity to form a conclusion on it, seeing as one of the two responded 2 minutes later.

Atleast you're making a lot of sense and I believe you were the first if not one of them to point out that purple mafia need hunting so your logic seems good. I just dunno about your reads very much. They way you read kat kinda feels like a pocket when I'm not sure how he's posted enough for you to feel like you got a conclusion on him

He did do silently lynch jdance from what I saw of D1 and if he's a true noob who rolled scum his partner could've told him to lynch jdance or follow his lead. So for you to say both scum are likely on the train and feel unconcerned about him reads...odd to me

This doesn't align with how you're playing. I mentioned it yesterday but I'll say it again today (and fuck you insom I've had many original points). The best flip that could occur d or n 1 is one scum teammate because you are given potential evidence of both teams. Not as good as N1 flip but still pretty good. And you still post like there's only one scum team lol

And you said reads on you are contrived but what is mafia but that

Man I feel bad if kat rolled scum multiballs probably the worst intro you can get to scum mafia

And I feel bad if LBJ got scum while sick again because that seems like the worst

ok so are we lynching luckyartist or what


We're lynching iaafr.

If anyone doesn't want to vote iaafr they can say so now, and after we lynch iaafr we can lynch them

people have been saying iaafr is more likely red than purple and that we should focus on lynching purple so idk if thats the move. and i still tr him a bit, his activity is towny although him being more distant isnt really the iaafr im used to

and what would we do with lucky? do you TR him or what

I was the first to point out that jdance could be scum dude. Also not sure why everyone high townreads you when you think gamut is definitively town for his -EV suggestion. You think it's not lucky but don't seem to care about the points against him. Fuck you leather man

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all i hear is "im mafia im mafia im mafia"

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters
luckyartist 2 LuckyArtist, KrazyKat
kyle 2 SOPHIE, kyle
iaafr 2 ian, iaafr
sophie 1 bazingaboy

Not Voting

insom, kat, Gamut,

Alive Players - 10

Majority Vote - 6


sophie + kyle are teamed + krazykat/ian/kat are last red team member

game is solved vote within pool of susmonkeys

maybe not kyle but definitely dan

@mafiabot lynch Ian