11 PM Day 2

Day 2

Wakey wakey eggs and bakey for the namafia slumber party. Glad to see everyone seems to be getting along so well I guess you guys can spend the weekend here. I'm going to disc if you guys let kyle touch my gun while I'm gone there will be a reckoning. I'll get some thai food on my way back if you're all good boys

Alive Players


Me dealing with mafiabot

@LuckyArtist charcoal is in the garage

Day ends at a majority vote of 6 or 1 am est monday the 25th

@mafiabot startday 7130

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

bazingaboy, ian, SOPHIE, kyle, insom, LuckyArtist, KrazyKat, kat, iaafr, Gamut,

Alive Players - 10

Majority Vote - 6



@Osiris i'm a genius.


@mafiabot shoot @kat

i do not like that kkat is posting memes about me.

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Voting Kat but saying you don’t like kkat is hella sus

@mafiabot vote @kyle

Can we get some start of day commentary on my top tier bait of jdance or no

Also osiris I’m gonna use ur grill and whip up some burgers and hot dogs if u don’t mind thanks

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i am not lynching kkat i am shooting him, i think the bot is still bugged. i am vigilante.

osiris OP confirms it

If you shot Kat and Kat didn’t die that means the bp went off and Kat is town so ur wrong

Someone find me jdance partner

isn't it iaafr

its luckyartist, he is trying to discredit me

Show me why and I’m on board

the thought process is that Nyte rage quit bc she was teammates with Jdance who was being an ass yesterday which trigged Nyte heavily.

iaafr replaced Nyte.

this is all meta-gaming and if it is infact true it's extremely fucking lame from Jdance for being a dick and to Nyte for not just ignoring Jdance.

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regardless the thought has been thrown out there and we can't really ignore it. we face it or pretend to ignore it.

it'll always be in the back of peoples heads, they'll just say its from some random hunch they got. totally not the metagaming

obviously it wasn't malicious it's just hard to ignore that Nyte was trigged by Jdance then she requested to be subbed out.

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im down to metagame idc

@mafiabot vote @iaafr