11 PM Day 2

I think we should revisit day 1 and look at interactions Jdance had.

I honestly don't think we gain a ton of information since his posts were just attacking Gamut and fluff, but we have an entire day to discuss day 1s flip. Yea we probably have nyte/iaafr but maybe we don't? maybe it was totally unrelated and we just waste an entire day.

additionally there are 2 mafia teams so even if it was Jdance + Nyte/Iaafr we still need to find team2


IAAFR and KK look like most likely jdance partners. But I'm not entirely sure today whether we should be trying to lynch jdance's partner. I think the highest town winrate play is if we can hit one from the other team, especially given that IAAFR and KK are good players.

Hey Jdance's partner, if you claim now I promise we won't lynch you today OR next phase.

yes.... this is what i said gamut, thank you

lmao I'm not his partner and I actually thought he was town

and I voted him lmfao

I think it's obviously suboptimal to kill me but I don't have a strong lead rn

either jdance was bussed or the other red is exactly in kkat/Kyle

given how you ppl play I'm leaning bus

Sophie didn't vote jdance but sussed in a way that I didn't think was partnered

leaning towards one in Ian bazinga still

iaafr how could u betray me and become mafia?

I'm town xd

i want to believe that but nyte outed you

I woulda if you guys didn't hammer before EOD

And I didn't see you lynch him but your last post was jdance is town, and it was after the thunderdome thing when jdance randomly stopped insisting on lynching you lol

Like really noobie distancing

What about LBJ

Man's insisted on different random lynch targets with zero evidence and dropped the hammer on jdance with no warning. Felt like insom from his scum game lol

could be yea

I can't say how I would've acted if jdance were my partner tbh but lol

idk if I can post anything that'll convince people im not jdance partner because I know how it looks

try lbj bazinga after me imo

I'm down for today being a tdome between me and lbj

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@mafiabot vc