11PM Day 3

7 alive, 6 after lynch. if it's a bad lynch and 2 more townies are shot it's game over. So kat could be fc but it'd be risky and i dont think a new players capable so i guess it's gotta be real

I am not purple nor red I am green

yer gonna be brown after i shove you in my ass


ok so.... in your world

iaafr is confirmed red because you are not countering kats claim.

kat claimed so its not him

you're town because thats what you're claiming

there are 3 mafia..... who is the other town dan?

7 alive 1 watcher 3 scum so theres 3 towns

let me get back to you on that though i gotta think about it

honestly you've been scummy as hell since yesterday, i still have that weird read on you d1, and you saying I'm forming narratives when you were literally doing that on me yesterday is super sus. so I really don't know about you

yes thank you, i just went over that. im glad we're on the same page.

let's get a read out danny boy


YOOOOOO. Kat's first game and just straight killing it.

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who do you think town is?

i was hoping dan would bite down and sink a proper accusation in but he doesn't want to step on any toes

ah yes good narrative

Yes and why would he have multiple narratives setup? What if iaafr killed me or you or someone other than insom.

no it's because I'm trying to figure out who the scum is lol

hey guys i was out getting icecream or i totally wouldn't have mislynched.

kats being fed reads from mafia btw

oh wait kats the watcher? i totally missed that post even though it was the first post


yup like you i dont really have good reading comp

didn't even say what ice cream real sus amogus

"im watcher" is really hard to read btw

why would you even feel the need to excuse yourself from the luckyartist lynch? he was most of the focus yesterday.

because i always deliver for my boy ian, didn't you read yesterday. but if its iaafr as one ian isn't really cleared cuz he could be purple. same with gamut. kkat is probably one of the other towns

im just shocked dan chose to kill bazinga. couldve spun another narrative that bazinga was pocketing lucky

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