11PM Day 3

Day 3

What's up guys I actually have to do things at work today so I'll be quick. After Vanilla Townie LuckyArtist was destroyed in mario kart and kicked out of the house last night everyone slept pretty uneasily. Turns out it was warranted as both @bazingaboy and @insom were found dead sharing a body pillow. They were both Vanilla Townies . Someone please clean their bodies up before i get home tonight.

Alive Players



Day lasts until a majority of 4 or 1 am wednesday 10/27

@mafiabot startday 7130

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

ian, SOPHIE, kyle, KrazyKat, kat, iaafr, Gamut,

Alive Players - 7

Majority Vote - 4



I claim watcher iaafr visited insom


@mafiabot lynch iaafr

if there is no counter claim then im down.

@kat thoughts on ian and dan?

is that about ian or dan? also whats the context?

I believe dan has been weaving a narrative that i'm purple and have been told what to do by my "scum partner" I was going to post this earlier but if I had not claimed today I was gonna be kept alive till tomorrow for this setup to pay off so I'm gonna say dan is purple for sure.

dan keeps weaving narratives about a lot of people

you, gamut, me, im sure there are more but ya know

well i think we have to kill iaafr today and dan tomorrow

we cant afford 2 kills again

Yes iaafr is scum. And absolutely 100% red in my mind so they will only be able to kill one tonight.

I think i'm on the gamut train and ian is dan's partner

that is exactly where i am too.

could be kkat tho too

kat's definitely being fed reads

oh youre watcher nice

This post is what made me believe dan's partner ian was distant most of the game and then went all in on iaafr who is clearly red if he was scum.

so it's iaafr then alright. but i dont think he's my partner. i was going to switch lynches and out grabbing some ice cream when hammer hit early lol

iaafr is red you are purple.