17 fuckers online

17 ■■■■ online at once the site growing?

17 people on and no mafia game cowards


And that's just the visible users. There's thousands of invisible users.

Thousands and still no advertising?

Where is the capitalism unless ya'll commies

I'd play but nobody has ever taught me

no ads

the mechanics are simple and rookies can win just ask @kat 2021 namafia pro circuit rookie of the year

I think @nihil won his first game too. And @casey as well.


Is the activity all in the lounge? It didn't seem active at all when I saw it, and nobody is posting outside of the lounge obviously.


■■■ changed the activity thing to make it seem like there are people here when there are not

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Yeah from the looks of it each user lingers there for hours at a time, so it just adds up hahahaha.
Fake user activity has been his specialty since day 1 after all!


Notice how you were invited back right when the site was about to die. I wonder why?

It's what they teach in computer science school these days. It's called UX.

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We did that to prevent Mafia OGI. it's worked really well

Yeah I wish it wasn't it's just worse posts dw

We're people first. Donate if you'd like but it's pointless. I mean I'm sure rora will appreciate it lol

Welcome new user! @CulturedUrbanite



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