1a2a3a [fOu] dedication thread

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Jdance posting sim

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Truly the original livestream innovator.


That was destiny

you were late to the stream game if you think this

the site 1a2a3a is streaming on predates justin.tv, its called livestream.com. Destiny didnt even stream back then

back int he day i was in some imageboard-related chats on SC2 and they would regularly troll teha sbolute fuck out of Destiny while he was still a 100 viewer andy. it was incredible and its so sad theres no like record of it available now because Destiny's fanbase would run rabid with that

Blizzard practically added the feature to block the ability to be intrusively added to chatrooms on SC2 because of streamers like him being added to some really fucked up chats, not to mention the /v/ one or whatever was popular then. I remember seeing his name constantly reappear in the "online members" list because of how regularly he was being invited and leaving

There was this one guy that people spoke legend of, RapDawg, who constantly streamsniped the shit out of destiny and created the ultimate wave of streamsnipers that got big off sniping destiny (deezer was pretty much a replicant of this guy and probably idolized him in some form)

this guy himself was like some eastern euro zyzz type

RatZ Deezer god that guy was such a degen lmao

hilarious tho

Yeah atleast he was cool enough to reveal how awkward he was IRL, most trolls woulda said no

Remember combatEX? He's a smaller twitch streamer now

Let's be fair were all partial degens and have been by virtue of being kids of the worldwide web. Weve just never showcased our stripes on a stage so that's why we get to avoid the scrutiny lol

combatEX lmao yeah

He's the only villain in sc history that hasn't gotten much comeuppance. His new place looks insane and his life sounds awesome from what ive seen