2 Years later

And many people still dont not understand that a group of very powerful rich men teamed up to sell billions of test kits, vaccines, and medical supplies that were produced in mass prior to the "outbreak" while simultaneously depopulating the planet by getting people not only to live in a manor that creates illness, take test kits that damage blood brain barriers to promote illness, and deprive the brain of oxygen with mask.

If they should end up in a medical facility they were killed with heavily damaging treatments of pills, ventilators, and medical meant to poison and harm. Somehow the world believes that this sheer amount of supplies were made in a year. How many factories would it take to produce brand new vaccines and distribute them globally all while perfecting the recipe in a single year. DURING A SHUTDOWN.
These were all made before hand as part of the plan.

Suddenly gaining happiness with these new found powers, they began demanding, coercing and encouraging the public to line themselves up for this experiment. Ruining businesses, creating dependence, and destroying jobs both by shutdown and by new found rules and guidelines.

I was immune all this time i watched the world i once knew crumble before me, as others watched the same and yet cheered those who showed us the vision of the new world.

I am the unvaxxed, unmasked, untested. I laughed signing 50 cent's im supposed to die tonight when i heard the president suggest i was dying this winter for being unvaxxed.

It doesnt matter now, the gig is up, and soon these rules will go away, and soon these people will be blasting all the negatives and dangers infront of the tv just to upset the public.You cant avoid it, the informations out there, these vaccines are very dangerous.

However let it be known the human body is the strongest survival tool. It can conquer anything including this stupid vaccine. I give it 2-3 years of perfect health and lifestyle for your body to cleanse this garbage.

I am sick of seeing the health decline in all my peers. I feel so sad, and I only wish I could of relayed the message quicker, to more people, and faster. So that more people could of avoided this psychological operation.

Imagine a city, NEW york city to exact. There being some sort of mass brain washing that affected almost everyone but you, and a select few.... And now you can picture the madness of how i lived and felt for the past 2 years... I tried to tell people dont fret. I opened my mouth, i was socially shunned, i stood under the pressure no matter what.

NO matter what side you were on, the world collectively agrees covid 19 ruined their lives, and nothing just happens without will in this world. So who's will was this. The governments or the peoples? Some of us will never recover either way.

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this program is brought to you by someone who doesn't believe in tetanus

Are you employed??

Hell YEAH hit my boss with the hardest religious exemption.

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Im the south bronx pillar man. I held it down here.


Fuck the vax

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what a fresh thread

refpsi is not religious and probably works for their family member if at all.

this is stupid conspiracy theorist mumbo jumbo that's prettty far from the truth and shows very little understanding of anything involved

he can be personally religious while hating organized religion (and thats what he says he is)

and im p sure hes a building manager and im not sure theres nepotism involved and random ad hominem that misses isnt rly the proper rebuttal

@_jdance rate my objectivity

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don't care. those are my reads.

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I agree with iaafrs read. he is probably town

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angry lyncher maybe?

he's not really working with my townreads

i think the analysis regards a boring topic

yea but what isnt boring

You should probably seek mental health treatment

my girlfriend and i stole some stuff from staysafe this was fun