20 to 1 returns @ Bill Gates

Wow I wonder why there are sudden jump cuts.

Do you happen to have the full interview? That one seems like it has been edited

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Even when they say it to your face, your peabrain can't comprehend it. Sad.

Someone will make money off vaccines, sure

Do I think it's bill gates? No

Should we stop production of vaccines to prevent money from being made off product in a capitalist society? No

And that's of course because I believe that vaccines do a vital job of protecting people from dying.

What do you think about vaccines?

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I like jdance honestly

Vaccines before being patented by the big pharma were meant to cure, now they're for profit.

Get brains kid

I'm not sure what your argument is here

Making money = bad?

Is your point that healthcare should be free? Id agree with that. Somehow I feel like that's not your point

Agreed, Vaccines should be for the people and not for profit.

In this video @Bill_Gates and I chatting about this thread and what to do about the Numeta problem.

like anything and everything under this system