2021 Hopes And Dreams Thread

  1. No more virus.
  2. No more Trump.


More trump

is that twin peaks

the walking dead final season

riverdale next season

oh, and staying alive

How's them gyms and old normal coming back?

We ain't going back!

solid BMs, less tummy more money

it's not. im doing rife therapy 3x a week which is electromagnetic frequencies based on tesla's work and it's really hard on the body. i also go for acupuncture twice a week. I spend most of my time sitting or laying down in bed and im taking morphine around the clock cuz I have a lot of back/spinal pain. I dropped down to 120lbs in November but now im back up to like 128. my left lung is at least 50% collapsed and im trying to avoid surgery to clean out all the scar tissue and gunk inside since there's only a 50% chance it'll work and still a decent chance I'll end up with more scar tissue and more fluid. I imagine lung rehab is real garbage too.
im actually really nonfunctional at the moment and it's pretty shit.. but alternative therapies take time so im just being patient with my body and doing what I can.

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Uber eats via bike is something for exercise.

I hope you start to do better....

Also, can I have some of your pain killers?

What is lung rehab even. Ur polish. Ur genes are strong. Think positive. Ur not some inbred poor genes westerner who let's third world meraders run her over now!

polish people have the worst genes lol the only people living to 106 in my family married in

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Who did Hitler try to kill off? Your genes. Ur still here. Why? Superior genes. Your blood line survived. All this extra is nothing. Vive la Kittens

Speaking of Polish genes, when I was young my family sent our old jeans to Poland.
We thought we were giving them clothes.
Instead, they were selling them on the black market for way more money.

You see I would never abandon you @kittens you just gotta share your prescribed narcotics w/ me

Bruh there are stores there where you buy clothes by the pound.


is it worth looking at i've never seen it