2024 Presidential Election

size of your quads?


don't discount the number of prior non-voters who voted for the first time for biden just so they wouldn't have to hear trump talk on national television

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playing cards... BING BING

man is a content machine he should have been a streamer. would have made a killing

Correlation =/= Causation

Turn out they just hated the other guy more. Imagine if Trump shit stopped going down for long enough that people had the breadth to talk about the old joe days

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Fraud would be cool but doesn't seem like an Occam's razor kind of thing. Unless someone apprehends the masked dude with a Santa sack full of ballots (and even, then it probably wouldn't be fraud for the candidate you're thinking of)

Yea people loved Joe Biden so much more

it really is a testament to your character if you are less likable than joe biden

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guy's even a catholic

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But they werent. You could just request one to vote early lol. It has been this way for decades.


I think that if you don't believe there is fraud in US elections you are ignorant of US history

murica is fraud

yeah people cared about the 2016 election to an unprecedented degree (mainly because of trump energizing both his voters and haters and driving engagement)

is it really that surprising?

I love how enthusiastically you guys get behind this idea when you think it hurt trump, but you STILL openly mock people talking about russian interference in 2016 and the last minute email leak

youll believe your govt will do election fraud but not a hostile foreign one?

you think numbers being slightly off by your estimation trumps a literal last second smoking gun?

come the fuck on

people hate trump, and they especially hated him in 2020. it would have been fucking shocking if he won. he never should have won in 2016. (he lost the popular vote then, and was way more hated in 2020)

but apparently election fraud is a highly selective and partisan beast that only targets republicans

remember when they got sued by dominion? remember when they tried to prove the machines could be tampered with - and couldnt?

literally not one shred of physical evidence, and the allegations are made by a compulsive liar, who has an pbviously massive conflict of interest

and yet you find THAT the more plausible



detatched from reality

actual cult behaviour

turns out the real trump derangement syndrome is just believing anything he says