2024 Presidential Election

First is Larry Elders

Then pres trump

I cannot believe biden is still alive

Larry Elders and Trumps vice pres heck yeah

I'm pretty sure Biden gets a second term. Republicans still don't have their shit together.

First off the mail in ballots make the election completely fraudulent. Republicans won’t win a presidential election ever again until they get rid of this shit

That's just wrong.
Most mail in ballots are old people and military, and both vote mostly republican.


I literally mailed in my ballot for Hillary in 2016 and lost.

During the primary I tried to vote twice with mail in voter fraud and they stopped me lmao. Because that was after I returned from Japan but I didn't update them about it yet. They stopped me right away. Guy with a tablet negated my mail in ballot right after I gave my name.

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This was before 2020 when mail in ballots were for people literally outside the country

It shouldnt be difficult to vote either way. It's voter suppression otherwise. Just run on a better platform 4head

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Nothing difficult about it, mail in ballots just opens it up for widespread fraud

Yea Joe Biden is the most popular president ever ok

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Yns believes mail in ballots cause fraud

Things that don’t surprise me for 200 alex


people who believe they benefit from the fraud don’t believe in the fraud

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More votes than Obama more votes than trump or Hillary in 2016 more votes than anyone ever in the history of forever

more people in the country

What is population growth

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What is people have never lived as long as they do today

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