5 hr flight delay to Quebec City

5 hr flight delay to Quebec City blyat time to play some dota while i wait today

^ruined my day

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quebec city is a disney fairytale with yankees

Rs between minor and adult (self.Egypt)

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Hey everyone, im a girl of 16 and im from The Netherlands. My boyfriend is 22 and he is from Egypt. We’ve been tgt now for 9months and its going great, we dont act upon zina or anything that leads to zina, our intention is to meet when im 19/20 and get married to make it halal. Ive been thinkin alot about our ages bc here in eupope, its seen as smt not normal. Ik that in alot of countries it is normal and i just wanted to ask how ppl from Egypt look at this. So my question: is it normal in for a 16yo to be w a 22yo?

Ps: dont start calling him names like p3do n stuff bc we dont have any sexual contact n we r waiting for my right age. Im only asking an how ppl that live in egypt see this.


A marriage like this is completely normal, I believe Mohammed was married to a 12 year old

i was asking for nmaganes input.