6 Years On: A Forums Retrospective

Hi there. a2pas here. I think I registered for nadota.com in 2014 as user "R. Kwarden" and spitwad didn't approve it so Lol. Anyways I think it was really sweet to be reintroduced to dota 2 around the same time after playing in 2011 and not having as much fun as HoN and then my roommate at the time breaking his laptop keyboard consistently because he would just slam on it when he misclicked on the coffee table. Anywyas thanks for the memories I think this community is sick and I dont regret missing hte height of it all becasue I would have probably made certain scne personalities have dissected aortas during basketball at certain TIs preventing certain scene people having tragic things happen to them and their person. Thanks.

Basically, I am the hero and the anti hero

i think my peak dota 2 moment was dumpstering a nightstalker mid as quas wex invoker only to have the courier hijacked at 6 minutes by a faceless void getting a health pot and gloves of haste while i tried to buy wards. disruptor verbatim said "why would we need wards when we know he's going to gank?" ns went godlike before the 2nd night was over

My peak was when they wrote articles about me speaking the truth about NA dota

my fondest memory of dota is when my friend made march through a snow storm in the middle of winter to a Fred Meyer to buy a copy of warcraft 3 so that he would have someone to play with

i probably wouldn't be here without him