7.27 Fire Frog Edition

Alrighty lads and ladies! The time has come for yours truly to lay down whats hot and whats not this patch.

Helm of the Dominator

This is the new necronomicon for farm but now also for supports. The heavy regen neutral and low cost total make this item the best in the game for supports. Double your stacking powers and use Centaurs or other neutrals to combo your already existing disables (Witch Doctor/Lich etc). Clear waves with micro/last hits in side lanes during mid game.

Furthermore the faster you get a Helm of the dominator, the most powerful it is; as in the form of the Lightning Harpy if you are lucky with spawns. The 20mana per 5 on Hotd + Chain lightning from Harpy is spammable. It's INSANE.

Best HotD supports imo
Vengeful Spirit
Witch Doctor
Lich (Frost Shield on Centaur as it rushes enemies to get in position)
Venomancer (tp stop)
Earth Spirit (Can pull and kick Centaurs to stun)
Snapfire for cookie centaur combos etc
Mirana (Net Trolls + arrows all day)
Shadow Demon - Banish + Centaur + Meteor hammer combos all day.

The ideal support in 7.27 can use both HotD and Meteor Hammer in conjunction.

Offlane Core HotD heroes
As mentioned before, the faster you get it the faster you absolutely dominate your lane. NO ONE can defend against a hero attacking you, and a 80 damage centaur that you can't kill. The second you complete HotD YOU WIN.

Riki -**Neutral micro within screen distance to always have a safe blink strike exit option. Farm using the neutral to tank specifically on ancients/neutrals so you can benefit from your backstab damage when farming. Also sneak in the enemy jungle and tame neutrals like Centaur/Net/Purge while the enemy tries to farm them. Domination does not reveal or change the colors of the neutral like it would in Dota1 so they never know the allegiance.

Doom - Every game I can typically average a 7 min HotD on Doom, with max devour. I then try to acquire a lightning Harpy, then devour one. This leads to double chain lightning spam and you become Lord Palpatine.

Will continue this thread later. Getting ready to light some fireworks off.

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It's 5 Vince

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Oof helm of dom just got nerfed.