7.33/8.00 Dota 2 thread

guys, get ready for biggest and best patch of all time tomorrow.


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toasting in epic bread

Hero with 0 int?

Its out

Added Ogre Magi!


  • Enabled Treant Protector in Captain's Mode.
  • Spectre: Fixed Haunt Illusions having collision.
  • Lifestealer: Fixed Rage being dispellable
  • Spirit Breaker: Fixed Charge of Darkness immediately failing when cast on Razor's Unstable Current.
  • Bounty Hunter: Fixed a bug that could sometimes allow Jinada to work on buildings.
  • Fixed Black King Bar not dispelling Haste and Double Damage.


  • Revised performance bar calculation and display.
  • Added support for putting bots into individual slots in a private lobby.
  • Fixed issue where the camera would recenter when quickly switching between different control groups.
  • Fixed incorrect player id when pinging runes.
  • Added a short cooldown to the chat message when pinging a rune.
  • Added disconnected player icon in scoreboard and top bar.


  • The game start horns now play different cues from each team location and are now spatial.
  • Added sound when the courier delivers items to you.


  • First pass at spectator-only Roshan timer.
  • Added overhead healing messages for Warlock and Bloodseeker.
  • Fixed a visual hitch sometimes experienced while spectating using Directed view.


  • Increased bot cautiousness when going to the side shop.
  • When invisible, bots will now only use abilities or items that they really want to use.
  • Bots are now more likely to roam and gank when invisible.
  • Juggernaut bot will no longer offensively use Blade Fury when he's sufficiently powerful (better to just attack).
  • Zeus will now use Wrath in teamfights.
  • Fixed bug where Vengeful bot could try to swap out-of-range allies.
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wtf jcrispy lied it's not out... ban him now

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This patch fixed a lot of stuff... really liking this game now

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(post deleted by author)

Patch is real bad.

Dota is finally dead.

Really? Im enjoying it. I like the pudge changes.

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Purge will do a 15 hour stream to talk about this.
Great for people having trouble sleeping.
Click play and zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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I played in a test lobby.
This game is too much for me now.
The map is so huge.

Double divine muerta

11 hours 33 minutes. Holy shit.

It's fun because it's fresh but I don't know if it'll keep being fun without big adjustments.

they should do 6.71 again imo