8Ball Wordle Mafia Day 1

8Ball Wordle Day 1

Wordle Town beware! The Mafia have taken over your beloved shitty game! They choose the word of the day and if the majority of players pick their word for their vote they get to kill someone during the night! Take back the sanctity of your favorite 5 letter word guessing game by playing hangman with the mafia scum!

The bad guys have chosen their name, gamers ready your keyboards. GLHF


  • Daytalk is enabled.
  • By default, the scumteam does not get a nightkill.
  • Before each day phase (including Day 1), the Mafia pick one player to be the "8-Ball". If this player is eliminated, they flip as the 8-Ball, and scum get a nightkill.
  • After each elimination, scum can change their 8-ball.

Role PMs

Vanilla Town

Vanilla Town PM

Vanilla Townie

Welcome! You are a Vanilla Townie.


  • You have no abilities other than your voice and your vote.

Win Conditions:

  • You win if all threats to the town are eliminated and at least one town-aligned player is alive.

Mafia Goon

Mafia Goon PM

Mafia Goon

Welcome! You are a Mafia Goon.


  • The other members of the Mafia are names . You may talk to them at any time in this thread
  • During the confirmation phase and each night, your faction must collectively select one player to be the 8-Ball. If your selected 8-Ball is eliminated the following Day phase, you will gain access to a nightkill.

Win Conditions:

  • You win if your numbers equal the Town's.

Alive Players


Day ends Tuesday midnight EST or until a majority of 5 is reached


@mafiabot startday 7533

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

insom, ian, The_Mafia_Mobster_and_the_Vanilla_Town, bazingaboy, Kischie, Matticus, DiendaMahdik, jdance,

Alive Players - 8

Majority Vote - 5



Hard claim serial killer

@bazingaboy is my partner. Let's hunt scum

fortune: likely good

Sorry I didn't think you signed this

I'm Sorry About That

posting this now and will quote it when/if it becomes relevant


VT. Everybody above me is clearly mafia.

Very excited to be part of Wordle Mafia. Can't wait to see what kinds of puzzles the host has in store for us.

Shut up??

this isnt worlde dumbass

celery and pizza?
@mafiabot vote jdance

I'm just delivering it!!!

alright fair. that guy probably ordered it to be healthy lmao, like a diet coke after eating 5k calories in 1 sitting