90s mcdonalds monopoly scoop

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when’s the movie

do any of you want to do something like this together?


I think we need an all star team for this that I would not qualify for

i could do this shit easy its not even against my moral code

stealing from a multi billion dollar company, who cares?

I lack any skills for this I am an old man without a computer

Sign up for the nadota crime ring below


i too am too old to do such a thing otherwise i surely would



i dont want to be the triggerman tho

my pov

I only got through a little bit of this. Gonna finish reading when I get home.


I can’t believe people who were this dumb and careless got away with it for so long.

Yeah gives me hope that I too can be a rich crime boss as a dumb man

I’ll do the high pressure stuff I’m good under pressure

I’m also a good actor