9:12:2 MAFIA GAME (D1)

Could we have a normal game for once?

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Ignore LBJ he's griefing

Agreed, he most certainly is mafia

Two mafia claims and two mafia in the setup

Actually there have been 2 and a half claims because of Nyte's claim

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My vote is ready.

Not sure. They mess around a lot so it feels random.

At this point I've reasoned about all of the active players and only have AFKs to consider.

Link to the rules:

Town players can get a hint at what hour we are playing by their roles.
Keep that in mind.

Yes, I've played this setup before. I believe NMA fakeclaimed Town Tracker last time.

I was going to type something but it's nothing coherent. There's not enough information.

@SuPA We could use your input here.

Either it's like NMA/Dendi/Asoul or just afk mafia.

That's why I voted Supa. I wanted an afk player to start posting.

Not sure why @LuckyArtist voted me for that.

Lbh and Kat mafia

@mafbot lynch @KrazyKat

So do we just vote @Vanilla_Town or do we vote @pastel and and then vote Vanilla if Pastel if he flips green?

@mafiabot vote @pastel