9:12:2 MAFIA GAME (D1)

9:12:2 Electric BooGaloo

Roles have been sent out

I have skipped most of the formalities since nobody is new minus Pastel who Seems to Not Be New Idk.

But please respond to your PMs. This post will auto-open during the day tomorrowe.

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KrazyKat, Vanilla_Town, Dondi_Fontaine_Houwk, Matticus, SCSF, LuckyArtist, SuPA, big_ass, pastel,

Alive Players - 9

Majority Vote - 5



game open noon CST tom close like 40 hours after we'll figure it out later.

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@mafiabot lynch pastel

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keeping my vote on the attention seeker until he reveals who he is

in addition to that, he is mafia.

i wouldn't be surprised if he was one of the lowest tier users from nadota. someone unanimously disliked by everyone.

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l o s e r

I bet it's kyle

@mafiabot vote @Vanilla_Town

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

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vanilla_town 1 pastel
pastel 1 Vanilla_Town

Not Voting

KrazyKat, Dondi_Fontaine_Houwk, Matticus, SCSF, LuckyArtist, SuPA, big_ass,

Alive Players - 9

Majority Vote - 5


classic kyle behavior

  1. The host of the game should announce to the game who the "anonymous" member is otherwise it creates unfair information advantages. Imagine if everyone just created a new account and joined a mafia game, having played with the other players for years before, but other players don't get the benefit of knowing that person's background until later days when it's presumably revealed (essentially an angleshoot for a free pass to day 2 or 3 - you avoid all the towns who would normally lynch you immediately and the scums who would want to kill you n1 or 2, and make yourself less readable)

This is also correct. If I base my assessment only on his posts on the website so far, I would say this is a user at an even lower tier than Kyle - perhaps even LBJ-tier.

Also I am officially not in the game, I am subbing out so Nyte can play without forcing ■■■ to do his whole 1 week to set up a new game thing - entirely out of the goodness of my heart - but as long as I am still in the game I will share my opinions on it.

My current opinion is that ■■■ is griefing the website for attention.

My current opinion is that someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.


We were stacking with Nyte and she starts spewing some narcissism in the team chat "everyone one of you hates me and refuses to support me" (all the while we're having a great time -- I do not care about a negative outcome of the game in the slights) and employs some tactics she learned from Marski "griefing wall jungling/why do you even care this game is over" -- meanwhile I'm having a blast defending megacreeps with the Chris Tinker.

She leaves the party with her signature passive agressiveness -- I say she's never going to play with us again (I do not care -- I am ecstatic after playing the most slop dota games of my life) and those two disagree with me; 'lo and behold she's rejecting the duo queue slop games with nmaGane that we play.


That implies I know exactly who he is or that you can't like pry it out of him yourself. I can only make guesses

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It is difficult to make accurate mafia reads when everyone is bringing the same haughty disposition