A case study on the deleterious effect internet echo chambers have on society

Canada is owned by China what are you talking about?

They cannot take my rights I will not wear a mask, and I WILL NEVER take the vaccination aka the mark of the beast, I WILL continue to buy sell and do anything I like without submitting to the beast

I am sane, I am free, and I only fear god.

I do not fear police, government, or any demon. I do not submit to any person or entity that wishes me harm or my loved ones harm. I do not respect any beast that wishes to control humanity, and I will never take the mark.

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A thread made by someone who willingly submits himself to take part in online liberal echo chambers because it makes him feel like he’s part of the cool kids club


Notice how the above is more supporting evidence for this effect

what is your purpose

This is not applied science

Study for the sake of knowledge

why r u and YNS beefing what happened?

ya'll my ■■■■■■

seems really low iq for like an autotelic ponderance though ?

this probably had the potential to be an interesting thought twelve years ago

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i can't make sense of this

prolly cuz ur vaccinated


There are studies done for redundancy every day

One must always double check the validity of theories no matter how low iq it may be

Let me be clear here for the OP. He doesnt understand.


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let me be clear, if you’re not on the same side of the political spectrum as me you are against me, you are an enemy