A Christmas Carol [POSTGAME]

The Ghosts of Christmas convene and transcend.
Ghost Victory - Congratulations to @SuPA, @Matticus, and theGreatWingdingi!


Host notes:
Let me preface this by saying that I did not realize when writing up a half-joke setup, that it would end up being genuinely one of the most complex and interesting setups I've ever seen.
This is truly a setup worth studying and simulating.
The game deconstructs notions of what "playing like town" means and attributes greater value to socially adjust to new information and and gather reads from them.
Everyone is meant and encouraged to "Town tell" and "Scum hunt", you simply failed to see why.

Of course this fails when 1. Ghosts are inactive, 2. Players are inactive, 3. Nobody votes to lynch??

None of those are the setup's fault inherently, but rather players unwillingness to actually engage with the mechanics and sprawling complexity given to them.

For example:

  1. Town/mafia can't differentiate ghost abilities.
    Ghosts can use this to create confusion, since identical lynch counts can be different people, different times.

  2. Town is, to some extent, supposed to actually COOPERATE with mafia to lynch the ghosts.
    In reality: the actual scum of this game are the Ghosts, and town+mafia need them gone sooner than later, but without revealing too much - the fact that none of the town/mafia realized any of this really shows how much the players care.
    It's a relationship where either faction can backstab the other at any time.

  3. Town and mafia need to watch how they place their votes based on the info they get from Scrooge/Rudolph, if they give Ghosts the key to unlock a larger process of elimination, they can instantly lose.

  4. The ghosts CAN'T "SIDE WITH" MAFIA OR TOWN - otherwise they would LOSE if they lynch Santa/Grinch.

  5. @SOPHIE Gridlock setup? This is not gridlock, this is drivers leaving their cars and blocking the highway. Get real.
    You were beat fair and square, your team sucked and so did you - Alightsoul manipulated and humiliated you.
    You barely posted or engaged with the game, only complained and even when LBJ was trying his best to carry you - you didn't even read your ghost activity info properly.
    All your discussion in scum chat consisted of "We're fucked" "We lost" "This setup sucks", and you had 20 posts in 4 days in the game thread - most of them following the same trends.
    Zero game theory, zero social activity - it really seems like you just signed up for show and to be filler man. Sorry.

Instead of not putting any thought into the setup, consider why mafia has been dead for 3 months first.It's not the setup's fault, people tried to host vanilla games and they never started either.
You guys just don't care anymore. Stop pretending like you do.


Well done Supa

And I care, but I was out of town

That being said, I genuinely commend everyone who participated in that final day - it's always good to see people place a puzzle together.

Town/maf needed to fakeclaim ghost early but seemed like a lot of them did not read the setup

In general what I said in the game thread about setups where towntelling is not required was true. Maybe if u named it "town faction 1" "town faction 2" "scum faction (ghost)" it would've played properly. But esp when people have a day chat to fall back on u get several days of people not bothering to do anything in the thread

I had the thread pre-written. Day 4 was a stellar performance by all the players.

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Again, sadge losing 33%, Iā€™m pro fake ghost player, Hawaii is great

Take a wild guess how much people posted in their day chats.

It may have been a too advanced setup for this group. LBJ for example seemed completely baffled

LBJ decimated you and you only won because SuPA and Matty carried your weight.

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Baffled xd

Not accurate.

I recognized early the only way to win was faking ghost and risking it all on a 33%er and I made that happen

Either that or praying a ghost was dumb and shot early

Ez game

Were you the grinch?


Knew it

Grinch: Sophie
Santa: Osiris

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Yeah that was my guess

Can someone ban Osiris already?

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You lost the advantage to Osiris (afk), and Jcrispy