A Discussion on Nmagane and What qualifies as a spam thread

Who gets to judge that?

Everyone on the website, when they report your posts.

Are these spam threads? Under your definition they are.
Nobody cares about or posts in those threads.

@KrazyKat In addition, @SOPHIE avoided responding to Orion’s question here.


mspaint thread will be updated soon tia 4 your patience

Why didn’t I get to update my threads before having them moved to spam and deleted?

I had no doing in that. I thought it was weird to have your posts erased.

Thanks for your support

its not my fault no one here is playing the excellent game that is dead cells.

@Nmagane you are digging your hole with these posts. Keep digging.

welcome back egyptian masha’allah

Speak in Arabic nma

You are not acknowledging the flaws in your argument - I am not calling any of those threads spam.
These kind of responses by you, along with @SOPHIE’s “Lol not readd le post” are the ones digging holes. You are welcome to have an adult discussion if you want whenever, but this isn’t how you do it.

Sorry to whoever got notified by me linking those threads by the way - this forum software is really just a virus.
I heard that it sends notifications straight to the Windows 10 notifications menu (I use Windows 7). I recommend you all to disable all notifications in user settings.

But since everyone was notified - Could any of you help me decipher this?

the action of moving the thread probably requires the admin to submit a name for it and he submitted it slightly wrong

No it does not, I have moved threads before.

i seem to have taken a shit in my breeches