A Traitor Amongst Traitors - Day 3

The Game's Not Over! Today will last 24 hours. You may vote for a 12 hour extension.

@Rildom died last night. He was a Non-Cop Town.

@fuckmafiauniverse died last night. He was the Town Cop.

This setups complicated I recommend reading the original thread for a full breakdown of role concepts. I tried to minimize the wordiness here.

Check the below tab for the Light Role Explanation from day 1.

Roles Explained

Vest Earner

Your ability: You must submit exactly 2 names of people you think are scum on n1. If both are right, you get a vest. You may continue submitting scum partners after BUT If its submitted after n2, you must be correct or you will forfeit your vest if you had it.

  • PM

    PM was just "You are Vest Earner" with body of "reply to confirm"

  • If you are secretly Dictator or pardoner, you will be informed at EOD1. If you are backup cop, you will not be informed until the Cop passes, but you flip on death. Read mafia section for anticlaim mechanic.

  • Dictator: Submits 4 names n1. The highest 2 on the list that are alive on day 2 are the only eligible lynches for that day. If dies before d3, reveals as "Non-Cop Town" until d3.

  • Pardoner: Submits 3 players n1. The highest 2 alive on the list on d3 will be passed over if they are lynched. If dies before d3, reveals as "Non-Cop Town" until d3.

  • Backup Cop: is unaware he is cop until first cop dies. if killed, he flips as backup cop.

  • Town cop is given a randed n0 townie result.

  • Wincon: standard


  • PM

    was just "You are Mafia" with body of "reply to confirm. youll be added to chatzy in a sec"

  • There is no daychat. No PRs. Flips as Scum. You must be active in night chat to vote for a kill. If they target the same person as Traitor, a random scum on the train dies.

  • Mafia have an anti-claim mechanic where they may guess who is a Director or Pardoner. If it's wrong, one random scum that was a part of this train will randomly die. If its right said town pr dieds. Scum can target themselves for epic gameplay.

  • Wincon: outnumber town, have Traitor dead.


  • appears as Mafia teammate to Mafia, chat and all. Appears to cop as scum. Flips as scum.
  • submits their NK by EOD instead of at night.

Alive Players


@mafiabot startday 3565

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

Jenanda_Bollywood, murs, faZ, bazingaboy, Nyte, Gamut, Matticus,

Alive Players - 7

Majority Vote - 4


I know all the scum, 2 are pardoned, Matticus has to be lynched today.

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Town lost majority so it doesn't matter

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If ur town our game plan is to spend the day helping the traitor

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Faz u pussied out

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Sorry FMU I was griefing u

Welcome to the site

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Gonna keep posting for a bit so I can collect some nice heart emojis



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Will be back in a bit appreciate your support

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Oh btw Vest Earners - do not announce your vest guesses from last night

ESPECIALLY if I am in your guesses you should not announce them in the thread

This will essentially be announcing to the scum that you are a safe kill tonight

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Dude we lynch you in game who cares about vests

Guess there's in fact only one vest earner

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Did you skip the namekill because you thought you could lynch me today

I am curious about what the discussion in scum chat was like

They didnt believe you are discator lmfao

I'm not

I had hoped you would be able to talk them into it