A Warm Welcome to Our New User, Dnz

I’d like to extend a warm, namafia welcome to our new user, @Dnz. Don’t be shy: come introduce yourself

Welcome! :noose:

welcome, dnz. we have some funny and quirky people here, we’re just here for a good time. we have a good time here.

You guys are fags

hi dnz im friend

hey man welcome

i’m haxity on nadota

I’d like to formally introduce myself. I’m @DEEPTHROAT, aka electrowizard aka ewiz, and I, along with my life partner @theGreatWingdingi, aka alightsoul aka asoul, serve as the primary leadership of this website. I hope you’re enjoying it! Your forum experience is our top priority


Wtf is this

wait is haxity actually here

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do u even remember me?

is alightsoul or yns the guy that plays counterstrike? i have them mixed up because they are the same

It’s not haxity

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aight i was almost shooketh

Alightsoul and YNS are the same guy - that’s just different aliases

wait actually?

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yes it’s me haxity, coming to queue into your games 2salve clarity stick first item

Cmon frind

its eosin obviously

treewonsevin = ewonsin

guys calm down i know its not haxity haxiety died after he got banned from dota for like 40 years for telling people to kill themselves