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I know it was covered in the last thread but is it

  • AB-ba-don
  • uh-BAD-un

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I know it is suppose to be the second one but Dota has messed me up.


Buy 5 bottles on Abaddon. You will never lose a game.

​Don’t forget to bottle your allies when you use Teleportation scrolls from the well.

Bottle multiple runes past 40 minutes.

Bottle sip while shield is up.

I’ve been experimenting with supports that can stack 5 bottles LMFAO it’s actually the dumbest fucking thing and will probably be capped to two bottles.

My latest cheese is stacking 5 bottles on support Kunkka and just xmarks/tp bottle refill all 5. Repeat. I have not lost a single game. This is going to be nerfed bahahah
Bottle allies

i prefer 5 bottle tinker personally.