Accidentally went to a rub n tug #glazed

I accidetally went into a chinese rub and tug. Imperial Spa

Im lying there after paying on the bed. Lady said get into my underwear.

This super hot chinese chick walks in and rips off my underwear. And im like... Ok? I guess thats what they do here.

I wanted my leg massaged. After she started i was like please do my leg i want that done. Shes all we have time we have time we just started. Annoyed tone. Which annoyed me lol i paid for a damn massage you do what i say.

She starts massaging my inside thighs grazing my nuts and buthole and im all this massage place is dope. Still obliviouse.

Im naked and this bitch is like turn over. Im like hell yeah shes hot af. But dunno why for never had a massage like this.

Then shes like you have tip? i ask what for i already paid. She gives me a jerking motion and thats when i realised where i was.

She continued massaging and by the end of it was like you have tip? I said no i have no cash i already paid. She started to bitch at me in broken english this is service industry then starts bitching to her friend in chinese lol shit was wild.

I mean i was kinda supiciouse when i saw the room with a shower and a tv with cameras pointing outside but thought nothing of it.

This place is literally 5 min from my place. Kekistan.

I came back with 5$ tip xD

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Oh shit nice

"accidentally" dude wtf how could you not know the difference?

ITS RIGHT UNDER WHERE I LIVE. 4 MIN WALK ! You have a whore house witha bunch of pretty chinese bitches right under ur place?

i never go get massages at places

apparently its cheaper to have escorts vs a wife. Looking at this economically now.

Im accidentally rub n tugging myself to this thread

good. She asked for 40-50cnd$ its cheaper. 70$ for the room for 1hr

Maybe ill go in next time give her 30$ and finish myself off after.

Massage therapist means a real massage.
Spa means "special massage."

Sound good bro keep us updated

If I want sexual massage I go to Epstein's island


i thought like foot rubs and shit

not an accident or a lie

nevermind its plasma he's just stupid

no. I seriously didnt know. This place is a 4 min walk on google maps from me. Ive lived here for 3+ years.

how were the extras?

Me Chinese
Me don't know?
Me go peepee in your coke!

40-50$ tip for a tug