AD2L Finals Live! GLZxNAMafia vs Golden Mulas

GLZ x NAMafia vs Gpride in jDL tonight!

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You can bet on the game tonight

easy 100$ on G-Pride, ty for the tip

Strim link pls

they didnt strim.

Game 1 peaked at 565 viewers

can you tell them to throw the game so I can drop a couple racks on the other team?

That would be illeagal for me. russian live cast actually

peak viewers 778 full matches casted in Russian

How come pinks not tagged up. Wtf

I paid good money for that.

@GlazedGaming Your team did pretty good. The net worth advantage was pretty close for both games until the end.

BTW if you want to find if someone's streaming, just go to Twitch and search "joindota" and you can find alternate streamers easy.

We had to have a stand in, it happens.

Thank you. Yeah game 1 we lost it at the 12min mark

where was real pink

I demand a 20% discount

my guess is real pink is squandering his dota career doing pointless IRL shit. you really want that on your squad?

easiest fucking 12$ returns of my life, thanks plasma

Playing vs Big Lion in jDL tonight!

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