Admit a cognitive dissonance that you have thread

I think littering is bad but I throw food out of my car because I don't want to see anyone throwing away all the junk food I eat

Who will be next to admit their fault and take ownership of it?


I tell people they're not funny. But I'm not funny either

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Also everything insom does

You can't speak for other people in this thread

This is a good one. Thanks for admitting it

I mean that I do everything insom does but then I yell at him about it

Thank you for saying this.

You're welcome

I hate

I struggle with trying to not give a shit about nationalism/my national identity but at the same time living abroad makes me feel how very real it is at the same time. Haven't reconciled these two things yet.

Thank you

What are you referring to?

What do you think I'm referring to?

I dunno being wrong about stuff or arrogant or something

clip of mine from 2 years ago. i always knew