Affordable housing

I saw some apartments in downtown which were renting pretty low for the area but I also saw the offer was only for affordable housing.

So I spent the last 4 hours taking all of my paystubs, tax forms, and bank statements and modifying the numbers in an excel sheet and then using paint to cut/paste numbers around to fit the narrative that my income qualifies for affordable housing.

It's a lottery system, and they wanted 8 paystubs but I only made 4. Having to recalculate the math and change totals for 8 was honestly not even worth the trouble, and I would have to reverify my income every year so I decided if this isn't enough to fulfill the app requirements then it's honestly not worth the trouble in terms of how much rent I would be saving unless I found someone who I could trust that would do as good of a job as me forging the documents.

Wish me luck guys! I asked my high school friend if he would apply for me since he qualifies for his income but the dude is a lazy fuck still living with his parents which is the only way you could honestly be in your late 20s and still not be making enough to disqualify you from affordable housing

The guy made some excuse about how he was worried about putting his name down incase I don't pay and mess up his credit / it would eat at the back of his mind and I was like lolok dude cuz like I'm paying almost double what the rent at this fucking unit would be atm, I can understand why you might believe that having my rent go down would result in my risk of defaulting going up. Hur dur.

Real talk if any of you live in Los Angeles and make less than 55k gross on your w2 then I'll toss you a kick back if you let me use your identity to apply before this upcoming Monday because that is when the deadline is. I'm submitting my app under my name but you can also submit under yours and if you get it then I'll move in and pay the rent.

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I hate not being particularly wealthy, but not poor enough to receive any sort of leg up with any of this kind of shit e.g. Obamacare etc.

@yns @Friend live in LA I think.

yeah shoot me like 1.5k and I’ll apply under my w2 for last year

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How about we only pay if I get the place?

DM me if you're OK with this and we can talk it out.