anyone watching this. what are the games i should watch.

how no banjo kazooie

i bet lugis mansion is dope

Pissed that this moved to Rockville. Used to be 20 mins from my office: I would go by and play pinball before


Is it really in Rockville? That’s like 40 mins.

go to adgq
Get called a bigot for not being trans

Yeah, they moved it from Herndon to Rockville. Rockville is like 45 mins for me, without traffic. In rush hour it’s like 2 hours tho :frown:

Lmao Was it with that weird streamer who was super knowledgable about pinball. For some reason I recall a guy going to host pinball every year or something

Yeah pinballjoe. He repairs pinball machines, and then always brings 5 or 6 and sets them up and they’re free to play. I think he has his stream on 24/7 during agdq of one of the machines there

Oh yeah fuck during rush hour. I’d rahter kill myself then get in 495

since when did webms not work

Probably won’t watch any of this except to see mgs2

tasbot stuff on friday night might be worth watching