Aghanim Labyrinth meta breakdown

Magnus is secretly the key to beating level 4. His spell damage is insane and can ramp up to 3k a shockwave, with femur 6k.

Mars can fill a similar role with spell damage with the spear spec.

You want to grab Phalanx ( Bulwark charges spears), Boomstick ( detonates at destination ), and Fire Trail spear (45% dmg per second fire trail)

They can stack and aoe collides on aghanim's model for 5k+ dmg. 10K+ with Femur.

Aghs is hard

i tried mag in a few level 3 games, he's bad

basically just a creep that casts a nuke every 10 seconds

tusk is much better

i woulda thought mag E with melee heroes would be the most broken shit

i guess melee heroes just arent as good in this mode

are you ■■■■■■■■■

mag is the best lol

i dont think ur screenshot of beating 4 with 1 life is really helping ur case