Alex Jones 1 billion dara$

Plasma again on the front lines of the forum



fuck u all

he did nothing wrong i agree

sorry at work (meaningful work(unlike some users))


Selling my asshole is meaningful work

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True, compared to others

Imagine if you cut grass cause your a failure

cutting grass is decent as jobs come

cutting grass is the ultimate "i should be dead in a war" job

i think jcrispy is obese or something now lol

Just not a low skilled worker, its hard to get your ego around it i know

Whats up bro how was ur day

Good had a nice day at work

list your skills

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list your job history

unhides post

rigid body analysis software for hypersonic weapons
reverse engineering a japanese web television show
pest/disease CRUD
lifeguarding/swim coaching
ag farm work

list your skills dude.

no jcrispy 2022

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Yay, nice