Alex Jones

plato’s cave.

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Alex Jones carried my fantasy team to the championship

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Dude Alex Jones has a pretty sick assortment of vintage Roland equipment

Nice beard going these days

Alex Jones has cool hobbies and a cool way of making money

last living alpha male

a TRUE American

hope that posts gets on CNN in 10 years when i run for president

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i like alex jones. he’s cool and interesting and isnt afraid to develop his own opinions.

He sells some damn good coffee too

My brother and I used to watch Alex Jones videos on YouTube ~10 years ago when he was getting some like 500-1000 views on his videos - but now look at him - a real tour de force.

Congratulations on your success Alex we were rooting for you the whole way!

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yeah like literally 10 years ago when I was 12 my mom used to make me watch 9/11 truther videos, the Alex jones bohemian grove shit and make me hold Ron Paul 2008 signs on the side of the road

good stuff


idk I know people who’ve worked out there and they said it’s sketch as hell. That was like before all the dramatic pretend virgin sacrifice shit they do became more widely known.

I’m not gunna lie the footage for that shit legitimately bothered me