Alice in Borderland Season 2 Mafia [Day 1]

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@mafiabot startday 8864

I'm a neutral role named Gamer and my wincon is not dying

Typical. Opening the game with Angleshooting calls.

It's pretty obvious that the host gave everyone the same role (Survivor) and this game is some sort of troll.


Could be survivors and a scum team that needs majority. Asojl loves stupid hypotheticla shit like would a buncha 3ps band together to achieve wincon

And if you are scum congrats on being second gamer claim. Good thing you stayed up late for this thread

Is this supposed to be passive aggressive?

It's a joke. I don't care if you stay up late, in fact it's probably not a bad thing if you find some remote place to pay you.

If you really want to spend the rest of the game breaking the rules you might as well have posted your role PM.

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Claim or post

I think only one of us can win so I'm going to have to lynch you.

@mafiabot lynch SOPHIE

Good scum play.

If you call me scum one more time I'll post my role PM.

Absolute moron

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I am KrazyKatniss. All I need is a bow and some poison berries.

@mafiabot lynch KrazyKat

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@mafiabot lynch @KrazyKat

@mafiabot vx

@mafiabot vc