alightsoul(jenda/wintermute) owes me minecraft iron for stealing it.

I was very giving when it came to Alightsoul(Jenada(Wintermute)) when we played Minecraft together and I shared my items with him(and everyone else) so that the community would flourish.

But Alightsoul is evil and he took all of my items so that no one could use them. He didn't even have use for them, he just wanted to cause trouble.

anyways alightsoul owes me an apology.

Alightsoul is INCAPABLE of apologizing; he is UNABLE to see himself as being at FAULT.


this is factual. thank you jones.

he crossed the line

agreed. he stole my beacon and hid it.

Dotakyle if I see u in my minecraft game I will fucking murder you

if I catch you in my chunk I will split your fucking head open and drag your carcass around like an animal

Your Worlds of Warcraft logs won't save you here - nerd. I will see you on the battlefield

I am the gamer you should be afraid of.

This is absolutely insane

You best believe if I see a house with a sign that says "DotaKyloo's House" I will be planting flowers all fucking over it and around it so people walking by will think you're a pansy. They will think you placed flowers in a nice, tasteful arrangement around your house - like some flower-loving interior-design-minded man-whore.

@jones willh have my back against you alightsoul. you're no match for us.



i plan on renting houses and you will more than likely have to rent it from me beacuse you are awful at minecraft.

inside your house i will place raw fish so it smells bad. fuck you.

I will burn you alive you fuckhead.

Jones? Didn't I crush that long-legged freak on the last server?

I have a long torso stupid white person.

Or am I getting him mixed up with the "Ender man" - the MineCraft character with very long legs and arms that reacts like an autistic child if you try to make eye contact with it

Yes, I invite the march of the retard-brigade. Come and get it - but be forewarned I will report you to the UN Council on Human Rights for employing child-soldiers - yourselves. Because you are manchildren.

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i offered peace with you and this is how you act.