Almost became a sacrifice or coincidence?

I was almost killed on march 3 2019 at 3 AM, which cant be a coincidence because that’s a whole lot of 3’s. with march being the third month and 2019 reducing to 3, also it was the third time i almost been shot this year.

no joke, It was 245 am i was just minding my own business that day smoking weed and playing video games. till i had a idea to go down to Walmart an purchase a PlayStation card to buy some games/movies and refresh my subscription etc. Those who study know 230-330 am or for most just 3 am is the witching hour. The time were the veil between realms/density is thinnest. A very popular time for people in my area to practice the occult.

So by time i got ready to leave out the door on my bike down the road. I knew to be very aware of my surroundings and not listen to music like usual. I start my way down the road slowly approaching my old elementary school by the fire department. which might I add is some where I almost died the previous year. to a man with a gun who was suppose to shot on the intersection of the street. but me being telepathic and empathic was able to get away and notice the gun in his pocket right away. later being told that i was actually suppose to die that but didn’t by another psychic.

So I was already slightly on edge by the time i got to the intersection across the street. As I pass i hear someone across the street scream help call the ambulance. he kept saying it over and over as i started to get near. I was spooked to find out he looked a lot like me with the same hat and everything. I sensed deception the moment I got a good look at him. I have seen people get shot before and there usually screaming bloody murder for help, This dude was monotone and clearly hiding something behind him and obstructing view of his face. he said he had been shot by some dude and needed my cellphone. he kept telling me cross the street.

I did not, its march 3 2019 3 AM witching hour in a place i had almost died the year before. I NOPED the fuck out of there so fast my bike got stuck between the road rail and concrete wall behind me. As i panicked trying to free my self and get my bike turned around. this dude kept telling to come near him to (help). but my intuition told me not to cross the street this man is bluffing. I left him there and returned to my house to sleep contemplating if i left him to die or not.

I woke up the next day looking at the news,internet looking if anyone would report a dead body or a shooting across the local elementary school. i even asked around the neighborhood and nothing. Not a single person around me had heard anything about it . There was also not a single report about it on the news or internet to be seen, like the shooting never happened. That man lied to me about someone shooting him to get me close enough to kill me instead. if anybody saw a dead body or bleed out man right out side a fire department and elementary school early morning later. That would be front page news material that every news station would want to run and police would want to investigate. but nobody has said anything til this day. Thus leading me to believe that this dude was lieing about being shot to get me to let my guard down trying to rob me of my phone.

A month before this all happened a psychic had told me that the shadow of death was around me and to be careful. I also had beings around telepathically tell i had avoided death that day. the first time I almost died on that same block another psychic(neighbor) had told me i was supposed to have died that day. both times it happened i got that gut instinct telling me to gtfo retreat. both times being told i was suppose to die after i ran away that shit aint a coincidence. third time time I almost got shot this year too but the other two where accidents tho my neighbors didn’t recognize me so they pulled a gun out.

tldr: I wanted to buy video games from Walmart, but Instead I had a strange encounter at 03/03/2019 3 AM. That lead me to believe someone was setting me up to die in some pretty ironic circumstances.

Very true

Big if true

mentally ill

If you aint hard dont let them catch you slacking, pick u up a 44 and keep it in your draws.

tbh stop going to psychics they arent psychic and take advantage of your personality quirks to keep you coming back through the door. it’s obvious it doesnt take much for you to be on edge. If i was in your situation i would of walked toward the man before i told him no. They prey on the afraid and naive, hoping they are gullible and weak.

the gods activated quantum immortality for me before. When your moment comes they may do the same.

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Actually i read a little bit of this and it reminds me of the good old days of pokemon go

pokemon go was dangerous.

Ever hear of paranoia schizophrenia

its a reddit copypaste

It’s not my words that you should follow, it’s your insides
You’re just an inside. Adjust your insides. You’re just an inside

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do you live at jane and finch.
i saw ‘shot 3x in one year’ and it’s like wat

my father used to deliver newspapers when he was a boy along yonge and finch. two days in a row a boy was abducted during their routes. my grandma forced my dad to quit his job. they never caught the guy and i think 4 went missing total.

Did you just let Nma on your account or are you posting for him.

I checked and nmas not on it so it might be proxy posting. Honestly dont care as long as its not often done, spammy or targeted harassment lmao. Anythings better than letting your account get straight used by a banned user, at that point youre asking to get banned

Free nma

those were animal collective lyrics, nma hates animal collective

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this checks out.

animal collective was on the skate 3 soundtrack