Amongus/Mafialike thread


this the best mafialike i have played

i've played among us and uhhh that other one where u hang someone

yeah among us is pretty low on the success:product quality ratio but maybe the sequel won't come out in several years and actually will be well made


explain what, what you do in the game?

Ye what’s the gimmick for winter

6 good guys 2 bad guys, proximity voice communication

the 6 good guys have to complete 1 random team objective without getting themselves killed

then u have to find out where your escape is, without having the traitors kill you or sabotage the first objective (all of this u must do within time limit or the traitors get v stronk)

you can craft radios, traps, some weapons and shit. you have to watch ur hunger and coldness like a survival game

then you must call the escape from your main cabin in the middle of the map and hope the traitors didnt booby trap the fuck outta ur escape point

it's just very interesting

These games look fun.

I have among us. Willing to game.

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any interest in getting some namafia among us going tomorrow night/sunday?

I'd be down any other day of the week


I would play if we could get enough people.

I think we can muster a good enough group for it. I’m not home yet but will be in a bit.

I will try to stay up but I am still sick as a dog.



i should be online just message me

awesome let's do it