Analysing User's Psyches Through Jung - Guide For Forum Relations

The office is quite busy right now but was able to nip out for a quick check of the forums. I thought it would be interesting for more rewarding site relationships if I attributed people’s personalities to jungian archetypes in order to understand how to deal with different people.




A few observations of my own accord:

Kieran: The Magician

Deepthroat: The Outlaw

Nmagane: The Jester

Ragarok: The Ruler

d_n: The Caregiver

yns: The Magician

Me (Big Benny) : The Artist

a2pas: The Everyman

capgrass: The Jester

insom: The Everyman

Moonman: The Magician

Kyle: The Innocent

I can post what this means and posting in terms of who else is in the presence of the thread. Personality should be assembled according to the average psyche of active users in the thread for conversations with seamless flow

Im a mommas boy excuse me

What exactly does “The Magician” mean?


I found it nvm. Hope this photo isn’t cancer on desktop cuz I’m on mobile

wow that describes me so perfectly…

L Ron Hubbard was a black man

The Magician is an archetype associated with mystery, alchemy and transformation. In the shadow it can be used to deceive, distract and manipulate by altering perceptions of reality. … The Magician is a thinker, a weaver, a creator of sacred space, a visionary and an intuitive.

Wow… you have such an amazing ability to read people… astounding how well that describes me big Benny…

Perhaps we could meet sometime and you could read my auras and clear my chakra points if you’re able to

I’m not into psuedo-science such as those listed although there are various mental capabilities enhanced and enreached by body-posture which is the foundation for what chakras takes advantage of


Where’s my analysis

Good thread

Personally (and I have read jung’s red book so I have a foundation for this) I would classify a2pas as a jester more than anything, maybe you couldn’t tell but he usually only posts to collect reactions and attention

Magic missle MAGIC MISSLE

What do you mean?

Magician stuff you wouldn’t understand

No it was an off topic reply in my thread.

He comes across as an everyman to me due to base assertations and lack of distinguished personality but I may stand corrected later on. These archetypes are pencilled in so to speak