Analysing User's Psyches Through Jung - Guide For Forum Relations


I’m pretty sure it’s just me and you here nma

I’m still reading but can’t post that heavy with the client.

The metaphorical audience does not find you funny.

What do you even do wtf

how do you even have clients at 3am

I find it hard to believe you’re able to roleplay to this extent while working with people basically at the same time. Usually people flip their degenerate switch on (when alone) before shitposting/trolling/roleplaying.

I don’t get what you mean by roleplaying.


Did your mom wake up and ask if you ever went to bed

My timezone is perfectly adjusted.

What time zone is that

Time zones can’t adjust we went over this already


You’re wrong.

I’m not wrong but you’re a homo

I havent read any of this thread but if anyone ever needed evidence big benny is a healthy addition to any forum ecosystem let this be it

I appreciate this - sorry I forgot to rank you, hadn’t seen you around much.

Just done with shredding there