Anon signs are open so pm me(game will be after thanksgiving)

Wanna start creating the setup so i figured it’s best to get signs early.

Please only post sign in this topic so I don’t have to maneuver through the bullshit there’s other places for that

Also if anyone wants to cohost (which would help create the lore/setup/etc) pm me

Don’t let people sign in the thread

Yas queen haha

Then pm me idc

Lock this but pin it mods

Why would you make a sign up like 25 days before the game starts

This game is entirely separate from the normal mafia scene

Different rules different day night etc etc

We should take a month break from mafia I agree

Hard disagree, next host should post a signup

Also this game can run concurrently with whatever is going on

idk how i like that. anonmafia shouldnt be ran concurrently simply because it would be a headache to juggle the accounts if you were in both. It should definitely be something people plan around. someone should post a sign but you should probably step in after that gaem ends to let people know if its okay to host or if people should wait to play yours

@nyte @jones is hosting the next game

Well I disagree with the wait a month for the next sign up

It’s not hard to use your normal browser for regular browsing and turn on incognito when you use yours on account but I guess not everyone has at least an average sized brain

other people post more often than you both ingame and on the forum so i wouldnt chalk it up to people being retards if serial posters have the biggest issues with posting on the right account. yes you can run two games anyways but thats asking for a lot of posting from certain users.

of course i didnt mean that people should be waiting to get the next game going. just was saying that anonymafia games can be inherently messy just because they require you to post with different shit. i will definitely set it up then so that only anonymafia accounts can post in a zone but that doesnt stop them from posting elsewhere, and you probably dont want that. ill probably write a handful of css so if youre on that account the color of the bar at the top of quick reply is red and not blue or whatever


Ye I guess I was looking at it only from my pov

Nah dan is wrong. Just open up an incognito tab for the game. Ez

Reminder that you can unpin these things on your own side if you find this pin annoying.