Another month was nearing the 15th

Working as a kebab chef has been as tough as ever. Even though we both worked full time, me and my girlfriend struggled to get by most of the time.

Living a simple life we may have, we still had hopeful visions of the future, maybe we could have travelled to europe and turnt over a new leaf?

As i laid in my bed, the evening gleams of gold shone inside my bedroom, checking the calender on the wall directly adjacent to my bed, reminded me that rent was long due, altough the strange doorkeeper of the landlord hadnt paid us a visit yet.

Afraid to make our good natured man of a landlord upset, i grabbed our monthly rent price of 1600 egyptian pounds from my wooden end-table and slowly ascended the creaky , narrow staircase of our apartment.
Anxious as this was a first, i feel it had to be done since rent was long overdue.

To my dismay the front door was left half-open, shining an eerie white light on the cold marble decorated corridor.

I called out " Syd?" “Syd?” , we never got to learn his name during our stay of 3 years. He did not make us sign any papers either.

All i got in response was a few muffled rumblings and tumblings, assuming he was inside the room where there was a bright white light seeping through the door crack , i made my way carefully treading the cold marble floor.

Now this was a moment, an image, nailed so profusely into my memory with the nails of terror that even when i lay dead i shall recall of it.

The light bearing of the wooden door suddenly swung open under the weight of my hand.

What i saw hit me with a moment of utter confusion, since there was a man, laying on a double bed , wearing a tank top , with skin so pale you would think he was a corpse. He had tilted down his head backwards and was taking a “selfie” of some sorts. He had his massive tongue flickering about his mouth with revolting fashion.

Suddenly acknowledging my presence, he got up from his bed, standing up, grabbed a half eaten green pepper from his computer desk, and taking a vicious bite from it, started walking towards me with an unneving gait.

“Had one of these today” He said, shaking the vegetable about in the air.

I smiled nervously, putting my hand in my pocket, quickly fumbled out the rent money i’ve brought.
“Sorry , syd, bit late” i said. Staying completely disconnected to what was transpiring.

He took the money, walked up to a drawer cabinet, and then i realized he was barefoot on his right foot and was wearing a flip-flop on the other. Putting the money in the cabinet he turned back, facing me directly ; “So how’s fatima? Tell her i said hi.” He said in a friendly tone.

“Sure will, syd” i said, the smile still holding my face altough transforming into some sort of spasm.

As i was leaving the room shuddering, he spoke from across the room; “Say, Mahmud, have you been torrenting porn? I’ve been getting over 400 ping to USeast recently.” I had no idea what he was talking about, a feeling of impending doom had a hold of me. Instantly he spoke again, “Hahaha, just kidding nig ger, all in good fun, have a nice day!”

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i remember when u wrote a fanfic about me to try to get the chink squad to like you

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