another one

Whatever mental exercise you could consider it is an absolute waste compared to about any other thought you could have, as I see it. Like you can be hurt and form conclusions from that, totally understandable. But refueling hate seems really questionable. More productive thoughts would be properly evaluating the situation for whatever maximum objective personal value you could gain for example, but I'm sure you know that

I think you'll figure it out in time I'm just disappointed that we had to have something like This happen again. We are getting too old for this

@MafiaManiac666 your boyfriend is a complete idiot for even entertaining the idea of getting you to make an account on this website. I'm so sorry this happened.

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I will now abuse my power and lock this thread for now just take the discussion elsewhere if you want to continue it. Thank you.


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sub slot is resolved got domed

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Cool cool

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I do in fact drive a white F-150.