anti NA banner to crip walk on

Anti NA dota banner to crip walk on when in SA DPC


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We aren't woke? :cold_sweat:

u know what im saying troll

That's where you're wrong

im trolling libs. They love woke, they love vax, they hate freedom.

You're woker


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@Plasma1337 are you vaccinated?


you're gonna catch measles


isn't plasma canadian or some shit rofl


sadly yes

i dont identify as canadian please dont be racist towards me and assume me nationality

peyroovians im dealin with scared to move to the ghetto to live in a big place. A big place in they area is double what im offering xD

he's in the middle of an identity crisis

i suspect that plasma has actually been vaccinated and is lying for cred with refpsi.

little does he know refpsi is also vaccinated

can you blame them it's not like your Canadian ghettos

I have a feeling plasmas actually going to make it and then get cancelled

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